Mass Hysteria-Refugees in Germany

November 15th 2015


Well I just feel inclined to write something about the current and ongoing refugee issue here in Germany.


 As you may know Germany and Merkel are taking in a lot of them and apparently it has gotten out of control. The media are making a thing of it of course and people are reacting. It has become the main topic of conversation and people here are blaming all sorts of problems on the asylum seekers and refugees. My Facebook account is being regularly assaulted by anti-Islam and anti-Merkel/refugee postings. Obviously some are feeling somewhat threatened by the hordes of foreigners clambering over the border for a better life here.


The only point I would like to make about all this is that there is a lot of misinformation going around. Half truths like one I read yesterday; if you adopt a refugee you get €945 per month. How scandalous! Then I did some easy research and found out that you generally get €945 for adopting any child.


It is not really good to take things at face value. On receiving some hard-to-believe news, or anything which seems like a kind of propaganda the best thing to do is to think your own way through it. Do some research to find out if it is true or not. As we know, the media & co. likes conflict and scandals. See through it.



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