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December 2014

Book Illustrations

Two books by Mrs Kahnt with my illustrations


A local authoress has been selling out books here for a year or so. They are illustrated by myself and she is now working on the next one.


The first book was a series of rhyming poems about the town she lives in. The second book is also in rhyme but is more of an insight into people and circumstances in her and our daily lives.


Blog Article

Her name is Rita Kahnt and you can find out more about her here - if you speak German. She has also written a blog article about me.

NOVEMBER 7th, 2014


Yes, it is finally almost nearly completely finished. But in actual fact it is finished. I just need to take a photo or two when the hydraulic lifting platform is removed.



Speaking of which, on the last day of work the platform broke down and I had to attach my paintbrush to a long stick to finish off some details. I also used a big ladder to reach other areas. Nothing like an adrenalin rush to keep you on your toes.


The locals and neighbours  love the painting and often  stopped to chat with me. Holidaymakers  are in abundance there too and I had some interesting conversations as they passed by. In fact, Ferienhof Löschebrand (ferienhof = holiday farm or apartments) is itself a now magnet for holidaymakers. An English couple staying there at the time asked me if the cafe scene was "Hopper" influenced, and if it was Marilyn Munroe behind the bar.


Bad Weather

Why did it take so long? Weather. OK it's not Scotland, but there were a lot of rainy and drizzly days this summer. One day I woke uo to find the freshly painted areas had run down the wall. So I always thereafter watched the weather forecasts closely. They are definitely not always accurate.


Pieskow? Que-est-ce que c'est?

So what is Pieskow? Pieskow is simply an area of Bad Saarow which is  a well-known spa resort  about  40 miles east of Berlin. Pieskow was originally a separate village.

Bad Saarow was home to various artists and celebrities back in the hey-days of the 20s and 30s.


I will post the final photo when the area is clear.


the next phase - work in progress.


JULY 2014

This is what I am working on at the moment. It's a mural at the famous Ferienhof Löschebrand. The photo shows the painting at the beginning. It has developed since and i'll keep you posted.

Here's a link with some more work from see;

Juni 2014

MAY 10 2014

Kunst In den Höfen (Storkow)

Ich bin dieses mal  im SPD Büro am Markt zu finden. Ich habe dort einige tolle Bilder von Storkow und Umgebung aussgestellt. Portraits mach ich vielleicht auch.


Here's a new link with some paintings of mine;


Here is a watercolour I did of the "Chain Bridge" in Budapest. I was there recently on a trip and when I found out that this bridge - the main landmark of Budapest - was designed by a Scottish architect, then I felt at home.

Chain Bridge, Budapest

AUGUST 25 2013

3 Tage Landschaftseminar gegeben in Streganz, viel gelernt, viel Erfolgserlebnisse.


Dieses neue Ölbild von mir befindet sich jetzt im romantischen Fischerhäuschen am See auf dem Ferienhof Löschebrand in Bad Saarow.

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