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I'm confident you'll love my art!  All art comes with a 14-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied, simply request a refund or replacement within 14 days of purchase. Your satisfaction is important to me and I'll ensure you're happy with your new art.

Soliloquy. Acrylic. 40 x 50cm. €240
Heath, Acrylic/Collage €250
Woman Within, Acylic/Collage €320
Magenta, €320
In the Army, €240
Dylan, Acrylic//Collage €290
Charles Lindbergh, Acrylic €200
Neon, Acrylic/Collage €300,-
Sinnlich, Ink and Pastels, €210,-
2 Blue, Acrylic €250,-
Gold 60 x 80cm
Vermillion Beach, 30 x 40cm


Under the Sky. €1140
The Old Manor. €1140
Sunlit Wall.€310
Hay Rolls. Sold
On the Edge of Town. €300
View to Fuerstenwalde Station: €300
Seascape Scotland. €290
Edinburgh Castle. €870
West Coast Scotland. €300
Scottish Loch. €200
Jetty, Storkow. €190
Morning Light: €200
Field, Selchow. €140,-
At the end of the Pier

Some Florals


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