WELCOME. Willkommen. BIENVENUE. Welkom. BENVENUTO. Bienvenido. BEM-VINDO.

Figurative and landscape art, inner-life portraits.                               

                                                     Creative quality, for your energy.


Oil Pastel painting. Sold.

Great art, to accompany you- right through your life.


Is there something missing in your home, your office, or maybe even your life? Your walls are screaming out for art - not just any art, genuine art done by an already established well-known artist from Scotland, like me.


At 17 I left a broken home and school to make my own way in the wild world. My art was always my lifeline, pulling me through a bunch of upsets early on in my life.


After a bout of rejections by the art establishment, I went through two relationship disasters, one which nearly left me for dead, completely on my own in a foreign country, with nothing.


Despite this, I have managed to become a well-known painter and make a living at it. I have been doing so for over thirty years now and I have my own gallery in the town centre here where I live and give painting lessons one day a week in nearby Bad Saarow.


So, get inspired by my powerful works of art. Let my unique art enhance your living spaces.


No need to go miles to a gallery to find an original painting or drawing You can order one here directly from me. After this, just visit your local framing shop to pick a frame that matches the artwork and your room.


My breakthrough is nigh.



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  • Hervé Noppen (Montag, 09. März 2020 18:23)

    Bonjour, bravo et fascinant de réalisme de légèreté simplement magnifique. Un bonheur d'admirer vos œuvres. Merci

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