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20. Okt. 2019
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The Stolen Painting

13. Feb. 2019
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Should an Artist do Commissions?

24. Okt. 2018
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How to be a Successful Artist. Step One;

18. Mai 2018
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Tepee Terror

13. Feb. 2018
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Gerry Miller at a dance session
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Scottish Independance

11. Sep. 2014
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My Mum in Scotland

24 May 2014

Today I am feeling weird and weirder. I live in the eastern part of Germany, the former GDR and I have just had a pleasant visit from my older sister and her husband who live in the country I come from i.e. Scotland.

On their arrival, I rapidly switched back to my native English tongue, and was nicely affected by good old British humour, but subsequently felt strange about living here in Brandenburg.

Towards the end of their visit my brother-in-law said that he would like to stay here the whole Summer, so my minor pangs of homesick blues melted in the continental heat as they eventually returned to Scotland and it's 10 °C. My sister had asked me this time ;" Where do you feel most at home?" It was a good question....


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10 years ago...

May 7

Last weekend was "Open Studio" for the Artists here and I had quite a few visitors come by to see my latest artworks. I was featured on RBB TV which is the local regional TV Channel here, so here comes he BIG TIME, folks!

This coming weekend I will be doing a one-day exhibition at the SPD HQ in Storkow. SPD is a German political party, the social democrats, and Storkow is a small local town. I am not affiliated to the SPD in any way, I just said "yes" to the exhibition. There is however an election on 25th May, so it looks like I am endorsing SPD- the sh###t artists have to go thru just to get by. I hope I sell a painting or 2 just to cover some costs.

I'm not saying I am NOT for SPD, I am just saying that I am not endorsing the SPD by doing an exhibition there, I am just doing an exhibition- for my art.


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February 24th 2014

Here's a new link I've been working on;

I'll be adding a few more paintings there from time to time.

We're experiencing Spring temperatures here at the moment and it's not even March yet. Can't complain.

Still a pile of commissions to get done. If any of you budding artists need some survival tips then I'm the man. It IS possible to live from your art, and I've been doing it for nearly 30 ys now. And I still love my career, passionately.

February 5th 2014

Christmas and new year came and went and wer'e off into 2014. I'm working on some paintings at the moment and getting a body of work together...will keep ye posted. i especially like the James Dean painting which you can see under Latest Work. People are ordering commissions all the time so it's hard to keep up with my own stuff sometimes. I love doing the commissions though, you learn so much from them.

OCTOBER 15 2013

Winter is just around the corner. I spent the last of the late Summer days in Budapest. It's a vibrant city but at the same time relaxing. And if you get hungry in Hungary, well the food is pretty good. The people are friendly. Very interesting architecture, spaciously laid out, but the underground trains nearly always packed tight. Money is hard to get used to, and it's not so easy to find your way around at first. Definitely worth a visit.

A building in Budapest way up on a hill....

August 3rd 2013

We are currently experiencing a very hot Summer here which has been around for weeks now. Temperatures up to the mid 30s (Celsius of course). Well, I'm not going ouside to paint in that heat, sorry. But I have managed a few watercolours so far. Mostly of Ferienhof Löschebrand holiday resort where I am doing a project at the moment, to capture the idyllic natural tranquility of the place.

There was another project in Spring involving Polish and German artists. I was in charge of the combined group and the two day event ended with an outdoor exhibition, pictured above right.

MAY 11th 2013

Moira Dalgetty

A good friend of mine in Scotland-Moira Dalgetty- has been producing these wonderful hand-woven works of art from tartan. They are made from various tartans, and are "for all who live in Scotland, those who claim relation to us around the world, and for those who simply love the history, traditions, colours and patterns of our national cloth.  In short: it's all about inclusion, incorporating all who love Scotland into one extended clan".

Gerry Miller
15526 Bad Saarow

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17 APRIL 2013

Well, I've finally decided on a Blog, basically to recount some of my everyday experiences and thoughts as an artist making his way here in eastern Germany. I am busy with commissioned work at the moment. The weather is warming up after a protracted Winter so I can soon go outdoors again and paint the world. My Studio has been a bit neglected recently but I have managed two excellent acrylic paintings of a friend. Last week I did a couple of abstracts and I was impressed with the first one, which I may publish here. It is tempting for me to shoot off into abstraction for a while, so don't be surprised.

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