Scottish Neo-Romanticism?



It came to my notice at an early age that painting and drawing are how I would communicate to the world at large. My early background was a shattered home where my obsession with painting and drawing helped me to ride things over..


Art is a powerful tool. I can express myself widely with my artwork, get my messages out.


At 10 years old I was doing surrealistic drawings, life-like portraits, and going outdoors on my own doing plein-air townscapes.


Later after a 5-year escapade in a colonial African country called Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), and 2 years of searching for a  life in continental Europe I decided to finally answer my calling and take the plunge for real.


I like to paint people and their unfathomable being and this is why portraiture has been my dominant theme.


Landscapes offer me a chance to recreate beautiful vast interesting spaces with an accent on perspective and lively atmospheres.


Motion itself is something which I explore mostly in my series of dance paintings.


My work is an absolutely unique blend of Scottish romanticism, African rebellion and European expressionism, peppered with American realism.


But the limitless range of artistic techniques fascinates and motivates me, so my art is always changing and  hard to pin down or categorise.

My unique technical versatility allows me to express myself with various techniques.


Some say my portraits and figure studies have an inner life, that my landscapes are lively and inviting and that my art has a “lightness” about it, a certain “ease”. There was a film, the unbearable lightness of being…


"Different motives inevitably require different modes of expression"- Picasso


More paintings;


One of my early surreal paintings. 1990 (Private Collection)

A journey from station to station. I started off as a surrealist, worshipping Dali. Then I took a ride with impressionism after a short stop-over at Warhol's pop art parade. Monet was my light for many a year and I still travel with Hopper, and I visited the old masters on the way.

Now I just do myself


My artwork is about beautiful moments. That means I notice something that fascinates or inspires me and I paint it.


Motion is life, and when  you look at my series of dance paintings - get the urge to dance.


Let my lively landscapes deliver you into another time-space continuum.

My sensual paintings of women will entice you and  my portraits will fascinate you.


These works will enhance the quality of  your home or space, and make your world  more interesting.


Invest in my art - and want more.

Impressionism with oil pastels. 2001
Glazing technique, old school style. 1998 (Private Collection)

So, what is Art?

I think that anyone will agree that art is a form of communication. You and I talk to eachother by using words and languages.

Paintings are a visual form of communication which simply represent what the artist thinks or wants you to think about an image.This is his or her message.

And what then is the difference between a random photograph and a painting? Well the painting has changed things around to give them a sense of quality.  The elements have been qualified.

That's about it.


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